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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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6:01. thanks for joining us. that fire has been the big story of the morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. that's where we will begin. massive apartment fire forced evacuation of at least two buildings near the california campus south of campus and then is -- and this is what it looked like at its height. terry mcsweeney joins us live where the fire is still burning not nearly to that extent.
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>> reporter: not far from the berkeley campus spectacular sight at the top of this ladder. firefighters still fighting this fire. the chief is telling me the flames are still pouring out from the back and other side of this building. we are at an angle where the -- can't see it flames but it is still happeninging that smoke as you may be able to tell is still pretty darn white right now. they are getting water on the fire. also, black smoke coming up in the back of that building there's still something burning out here. take a look at pictures if earlier when the flames were far easier to see from any spot out here near dwight and ellsworth. the battalion chief telling me they got the call 4:13 this morning. they got out here, six units in three story apartment building, they got everyone out the cause will wait for a later investigation they did get everybody out and
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evacuated a couple buildings nearby. >> they immediately evacuated the building and were able to account for all occupants. then there was a partial collapse of the third story and the fire made it through the roof. the firefighters then backed out and made it a defensive fire. >> reporter: there are fire trucks the length of dwight way i see power company trucks coming up or trying to come up the street to do what they have to do. i talked to some people evacuated from the building next door, cal students working on a paper they were -- first they saw the flames then they realized that they were right next door and in fact they better get out and the police and fire came along to make sure they did. they said there were moments of excitement they wouldn't call them panic the gentleman
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working on his paper said it was alarming to see what was going on next door. fires have kept the fire to that three story apartment building. it has not spread. it has not damaged the buildings next door those folks will be allowed back in the red cross is helping those who have been burned out. giving providing temporary food and some warmth to the students and others who were in buildings on the either side evacuated but not damaged. also, importantly, nobody injured. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. tough times at another college. students at solano community college's board has decided to slash summer school that we knew. now two major sports programs are being cut in the face of deep state education cuts. amy hollyfield is live at the school in fairfield. they say they may not be done
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cutting, there's more? >> reporter: yeah, they've cut the football team and swim team that might not be enough. now they are talking about getting rid of the campus police department and the campus childcare center. football is a big deal here on this campus. the team won conference championship in 2010. the governing board says the school can't afford to keep the program going. the school is facclet a 4.8 million dollar deficit. the board voted last night to cut football and swimming after a hourlong emotional meeting. it is not just sports. summer school eliminated. especially tough on military veterans who only receive checks if they are enrolled in classes. >> i don't go to class, i can't house and feed my children. we veterans served you, now you serve us. >> reporter: those problems not unique to solano. san francisco's city college went through a tough round of
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cuts cancelling almost 100 classes mid semester this is a statewide problem there's a 150 million dollar shortfall in community college funding. the football coach here posted a message on the team's facebook page, saying this is not over yet. we are going to meet today about possible options. there is talk about private fundraising to save this program. administrators say maybe this -- these cuts will be temporary, we'll see if they can raise the money. the coach ended his message by putting in up capital letters, all attitude. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. also in berkeley the police chief is planning to attend a community meeting tonight to answer questions about his department's response to the fatal beating of a resident. peter cukor was kill at his home last month. some say -- was killed at his home last month.
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some say it shouldn't have happened. police did not respond initially because all officers were busy planning for an occupy rally. they went only after cukor's wife call 911. a man was arrested and charged with the mur. america's cup race is expected to bring big money to the -- bay area also big restrictions. coast guard is outlining a no-go zone for bay area betters during the races. a huge area east of the golden gate bridge, half mile from sausalito, south of alcatraz, west of treasure island and all along the san francisco water front. the restrictions would run from august and september of this year and from july to september of next year during america's cup contests. officials are expected to finalize the banned boat zone this summer. largest solar flare in five years now has a massive cloud of charged particles hurdling towards earth now and
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that could mean problems for america's power grid, cell phones, gps, satellites and even flights. that solar storm began hitting earth's magnetic field in morning no need to panic. power plants have been urged to brace for problems. in 1989 a solar storm knocked out power grid in quebec. expect issues with cell phone and satellite communications. some flights will have to be diverted especially those that cross the poles women >> radiation danger. -- cross the poles. >> radiation danger could we see the northern lights? possibly. clear sky in morning and tonight you can tweet me @mike niccoabc7. let's talk about the winds and how much favorable they are this morning.
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fairfield and san jose three mile per hour wind. warmer in antioch this morning by three degrees west rest of us outside hayward the same cooler like redwood city and half moon bay 10 and nine degrees cooler than yesterday with fairfield temperatures mainly in the 30s until you get to san rafael, oakland, san francisco, antioch, fremont san jose low to mid 40s there. storm track well to the north we are going to have just about total sunshine today and temperatures above average the warmest will be santa cruz morgan hill oakland antioch napa santa rosa cloverdale low 70s for you the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s. warmest temperatures tomorrow afternoon. cold front will steer cooler weather and more clouds our way for the weekend another cold front will bring a chance of measure age rain monday and tuesday. >> looks like there may have been two stalls upper deck of
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the bay bridge metering lights on traffic backing up towards 880 overcrossing. normally they turn metering lights on around 6:20. westbound 80 san pablo avenue accident was in the left lanes they are saying it is on shoulder now. it is slow across the upper deck of the bay bridge. two accidents on the peninsula, one north 101 at sfo now in the center divide, one north 101 brisbane in the left lane we'll keep you posted. 6:10. new trouble for toyota the new problem forcing the automaker to recall more than half a million of its most popular vehicles. how the price of gasoline is having a huge impact on those who help the bay area's neediest residents. breaking her science. one of whitney houston's closest confidantes speaks out for the first time since the
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we continue to follow our breaking news. stunning pictures sent by one of our viewers. he lives close to that burning building. as you can see the flames were visible and huge from his advantage point. fine. thank you andrew for sending those. if you have pictures upload
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them to ureport or e-mail the pictures. dionne warwick is talking for the first time about the tragic death of her beloved cousin whitney houston. she reveals the singer's last words and her favorite whitney moment. she talks about the future of bobbi kristina, whitney's only daughter. >> there's a lot of concern about her daughter. there was overnight news that the estate will go to her. we know financially she will be supported. emotionally -- >> she will have -- that's at one thing i love about about my family, we are a family. she has support she needs. >> whatever she needs? >> absolutely. >> you can watch more on robin roberts' interview with deion warrick on -- dionne warwick after this newscast at 7 a.m.. one of the day area's
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biggest food banks is cutting back on deliveries because of rising costs. the second harvest fad pwaofrp says it is paying more for gas and -- the food bank is delivering smaller portions. a spokeswoman says the higher costs are hitting when services are needed the most. the food bank is asking for public's help. toyota recalling almost 700,000 trucks, sedans for problems. largest recall in tacoma trucks 2005 through 2009. 495,000 of them may have air bags that won't deploy. 70,000, 2009 camry sedans and 116,000 cross overs are being recalled, the problem is grease in the stop lamp switches which could stop them from starting. toyota says it will fix
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everything for free. those berkeley fire pictures taken by andrew, he described conditions as being calm, not windy. mike you are saying different from the last couple of days. >> absolutely. we don't have that. a little haze from san francisco back over towards the east bay that's because we have an inversion coldest air heavier sinks to the -- bottom warm air on top stable air mass that smoke is going to hang around for another hour or so until the sun can start warming the atmosphere overturn it and filter it out. today as far as our forecast, we are going to have a lot of sunshine and our warmest afternoons are today and tomorrow clear and cool again tonight possibly northern lights rare treat they are really neat to see. cooler weekend in store then rain next week. everybody going warmer today,
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santa rosa two, fremont oakland three concord san francisco four san jose five let's put some numbers with cities oakland, antioch, napa, santa rosa, cloverdale ukiah low 70's everybody else mid to upper 60s. 66 monterey low 70s the rest of the bay and inland. if you are going to watch northern lights or look them for, 30s to 40s inland valleys low to mid 40s bay shore to the coast and 48 in san francisco of the. here's a look at what is happening, three areas of high dominating. omega block that will keep us warm and dry for today -- for today and tomorrow high pressure moving east downsloping land breeze keeping cooler weather and clouds out to sea through at least friday then cold front that you see there moves through saturday kicks up clouds and cooler weather we drop 10° by sunday couple more degrees coolest afternoons
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monday and tuesday also our afternoons best chance of measurable rain. back to berkeley. we are still watching this fire, on dwight way where you saw terry mcsweeney was live at the scene. dwight way is blocked we are looking west a lot of smoke in the area. i want to show you another live shot and we can still it from emeryville as well all the smoke there you see the uc berkeley campus in the distance. just a few blocks away from cam business right here this -- campus, right here this stretch dwight closed shaddock out to ellsworth you may want to an individual the stretch out to telegraph. bay bridge -- toll traffic backed up towards the foot of the maze. we had two earlier stall on the upper deck reported thank you for that bringing that camera shot up. the accident westbound 80 san pablo cleared. also, on the peninsula north 101 a couple crashes reported
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in san bruno and brisbane those accidents out of the lanes as well. bart's is the latest look at its budget at a morning meeting the picture is rosier than expected. -- bart expects a surplus due to increase in riders and sales tax revenue. the budget for building and maintaining bart's system is facing a 7 1/2 billion dollar shortfall over the next quarter century. bart wants to spend three build beyond to replace cars the est in the nation. coming up can -- can anyone take my order the tech issue that has thousands ♪
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welcome back. 6:24. it appears apple has another hit and that is leading to some big frustration for hundreds of thousands of would be customers cupertino-based apple unveiled aid third generation ipad in san francisco yesterday and told customers they could begin preordering immediately. within minutes apple's order site crashed. the problem continued on and off almost all day leading to thousands of complaints on facebook and twitter. the site seems to be back up now. the aptly named new ipad will include a screen with better resolution, faster processing chip. it s at $499.
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the first -- models hit stores next friday. china's building boom moving at breakneck speed a 30 story hotel workers completed in 15 days. a time lapsed video racked up more than five million views. the chinese company says it did not cut conferencers and took 200 employees to put up the hotel. still ahead, a whale of a sight followed by a whale of a warning. bay area visitor that has crowds smiling and betters being told to watch out. is there -- and boaters being told to watch out. new letters from one of the so-called speed freak killers that warns of a trained apprentice. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in berkeley, firefighters are still battling the flames this is a couple hours plus going on at this three story apartment building, a lot of people evacuated. the story coming up.
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good news only newark has flight departure delays everyone else, major and regional airports in california on time.
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good morning. the labor department released its weekly jobs report. more people applied for unemployment benefits last week. the overall level stayed low enough to suggest the job
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market is strengthening. you are looking at the nasdaq and new york stock exchange. we are waiting for the bell to ring that is all positive news ahead of the government's monthly report tomorrow. [ inaudible ] good morning 6:30 a.m. on this thursday morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze breaking news. massive apartment fire forced evacuation of two buildings near the california campus very close to some major student dorms this is the height of the fire video you are looking at. terry mcsweeney joins us live from dwight way for the fire is still burning. we have to emphasize the good news still nobody hurt? >> reporter: nobody hurt no firefighters, nobody evacuated was injured everybody did get out of this three story apartment building. these flames won't quit. they are extremely stubborn.
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firefighters still pouring water on the top of this billing for two hours. the flames just -- building for two hours. the flames just finding new places to burn. look at what the flames look liked earlier spectacular and awesome pictures from earlier with the flames tearing through this three story building. firefighters say they received a call about 4:15 this morning. when they got out here the top floor was lit up second floor also burning and there was beginning to see activity in the bottom floor it would appear this started top back of this three story apartment building the cause is going to be determined by arson investigators later on. i talked to a gentleman out here. he had been hearing noise. he thought it was maybe a homeless person going through a dumpster, he heard a crack long then he heard this. >> on a skateboard going back
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and forth and then i see that there's an orange light, yellow light inside the room started flickering. the smell was coming strong then i said there's something wrong. i pulled my curtain and saw everything was almost yellow. decided now it is time to jump and get out. >> reporter: the gentleman as you can see got some video of the flames. he says it was maybe 20 minutes between the time he first heard that crackling sound that he mistook to be a homeless person or skateboarders 20 mines between he heard noise and fires arrived on the scene. i don't know if his time is accurate, he said quite a pwe of time by. firefighters say the top of the three story building was lit up. talked to some of the evacuees
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some students were saying they were sleeping. one was working on a paper. police and fire came through, pounding on the door saying get up and get out. the good news is adjacent building evacuated as not been damaged. nobody injured as a result of this. this three story building still burning now it is, you have to say, safe to say it is totalled. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:33. pacifica police say they were forced to shoot and kill a pit bull after it lunged at an officer this happened tuesday morning on adobe drive. homeowner called 911 after the pit bull ended her home through an open door and attacked her dog. when they arrived the pit bullet go of the smaller dog and toward the officer the fire fired, killing it the injured dog ran into the neighborhood. >> after the dog got attacked by the pit bull it ran up the
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street and up the backyard and they lost track of it. surviving speed freak killer wesley shermantine is making new claims, including a claim he might not be the only surviving killer. shermantine has always blamed all killings on his partner loren herzog who committed suicide. in new letters he says herzog trained a third killer, a man named jason jones. shermantine says he's warned jones to leave the country before he reveals any more locations where victims' bodies are buried. san francisco's police chief doesn't expect many drunk driving cases to be tossed because of a problem with field sobriety testing.
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we told you mob day it -- monday the district attorney and public defender raised questions about whether police properly calibrated testing equipment. the chief says it is one of five methods used to establish probable cause for arrest. for the second time this week vandals have slashed tires of parked cars. palo alto police got four more reports of tires slashed monday following 51 vehicles getting tires slashed early sunday morning investigators have no suspects. cars parked on several streets were vandalized. those responsible used a knife or some sort of sharp tool and. meandering grey whale is attracting a lot of attention in san francisco bay. the whale was seen yesterday marine biologists think it is on the spring mei tkpwraeugs from baja to alaska.
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people lucky enough to spot the whale were delighted, including this boater. >> how close were you able to get? >> 50 feet. it came up six times hard to tell how big it was part i saw looked big. whales are protected and boaters are being warned it is illegal to get within 300 feet of them. however nothing stops them from getting within 300 feet of you. keep an eye on your gps, cell phone, tv any or all could be knocked for a loop by the remnants of a powerful solar storm bearing down on the earth now. >> reporter: it sounds ominous. no need to duck and cover. more like be aware and be ready for some of those technical difficults. scientists say this morning marks the height of the largest solar storm in five years. it began tuesday when the sun began spewing massive solar flares. now the crowd of charged
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particles launched from the sun is here. there could be power outages and phone outages, gps and nav tools may be off course and some flights may be diverted. >> it is prudent to reroute aircraft. we know gps and satellites are vulnerable. they wind up skirting farther south trying to stay away from where the major number of particles happen to be. >> we are at least able to tell you this is coming towards us, beware, keep watching. don't get hysterical. >> reporter: there's the good news about the good views. the flares could produce beautiful northern lights like these. i heard meteorologist mike nicco say there are no reports of the lights this morning but there are more chances to to see them coming. i'll let him fill you in on that. the solar storm is expected to end friday. katie marzullo, abc7 news. don't start blaming everything on solar flares my
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typos and e-mails. >> oh come on! you took half my day away. 6:37. let's check in with mike. as katie was saying, expect problems women >> yeah, it is going to be a nice sight -- stagnant air or lack of movement will lead to warm temperatures this afternoon. visibility still unlimited. 8:00 this morning around the 20s in the napa valley, 30s and 40s for the rest of us, off to a cooler start than yesterday. look at this by noon already that still air warming into the mid to upper 50s and half moon bay san francisco and san rafael low to mid 60s elsewhere slight land breeze if you will northeasterly during the afternoon hours that means by 4:00 70
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santa rosa mid to upper 60s for the rest of us watch out for the pollen tree and mold. warmest day tomorrow cold front will introduce us to more clouds and cooler conditions throughout the weekend coolest monday, tuesday best chance of measurable rain. good morning. three trouble spots, one bay bridge toll, because we had a couple earlier stalls on the upper deck that have been cleared. metering lights were turned on early traffic backed up to the foot of the maze quickly. also, another developing hot spot in the altamont pass we go to the waze traffic map to show you westbound 580 near mountain house or grant line road motorcycle injury accident supposed to be in the center divide chp en route now as well as emergency crews i think we'll see traffic slow more than 367, 25 miles an hour on westbound 205 out of tracy. keel weep you posted. typical delays this3ñmorning --
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wept bound 580 livermore slowing on basco road even as you head towards highway 84 on vallecitos and isabel. i want to take you back to berkeley, this is the other trouble spot. live shot we are looking at the fire dwight way along the stretch where terry mcsweeney is at the scene is closed between shaddock and ellsworth this is as you can see a few blocks from the uc berkeley campus even a lot of the dorms in the area i would avoid that street for sometime, especially with the smoke still there not affecting freeway traffic at this point. elsewhere it has been fine in the south bay and even on the peninsula where there were a couple earlier accidents. thank you frances. new accusations for apple. why the company is being accused of price fixing.$ñ+á$c% live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the board. right now the dow is up 69
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points. numbers creating new urgency for a big change to the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: solano college football team delivers. the it won its championship in 2010. why is this department being cut? i'm amy hollyfield, that story is coming up.úúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúc
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6:45. it is quiet everywhere high pressure controlling the entire state warm weather from 50 tahoe eureka 55, 62 yosemite upper 60s throughout the central valley big sur 72 today, san diego 71 mid to upper 70s around payment springs and l.a.. -- around palm springs and l.a.. back to our breaking news story fire on dwight way in berkeley, it has rekindled. you can see the flames coming back up and the smoke being generated there. this is an apartment building on dwight way a couple belongs west of telegraph. firefighters on the scene but they have to prepare to put water back on that fire it has been evacuated as well as another building, no injuries reported. terry mcsweeney will have more in 10 minutes. questions are being asked
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over the salary of a new superintendent of schools for santa clara county. he will start his july 1st. he will earn just un$300,000 for man his predecessor, double what the state superintendent makes triple what san jose mayor reed would make if he wasn't refusing to take it in light of the budget crisis. the school board says he deserves height pay coming from a $280,000 a year job in el paso, texas. the veterans administration is admitting dozens of gravestones and markers may be misplaced or missing in national cemeteries in the bay area in the latest survey the va mound more than 100 headstones were -- found more than 100 headstones were mark being the wrong graves and 21 markers disappeared most at the san francisco national cemetery and golden gate national cemetery where headstones were temporarily removed and put back in the wrong place. va official wills explain what went wrong in a hearing today.
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the new ipad was just prouded -- was just introduced ab may face accusations of price -- apple may face accusations of price fixing. >> i have an ipad 2, i'm happy with that for a while. the day after releasing the new ipad apple getting a warning from the justice department. a source tells bloomberg the justice department plans to sue apple and five of the biggest u.s. publishers for fixing prices on electronic books. some of the companies are in talks with the justice department to reach a settlement instead of having to face a court battle. weekly jobless claims came in a little higher than last week not alarming level more important now looks like greece is close to a debt swap. looks like they are going to get money that they need all the t's crossed and i's dotted
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investors speculating greece will get enough to agree. [ unintelligible ] markets like it all trading solidly higher this morning. bloomberg index up by half percent. it is tax season help from the irs for those out of work. fresh start penalty relief will give a six machine grace period to some people out of work -- six month grace period to some people out of work before penalties. form 1127 a on the irs website. more news, welcome news for fish lovers. state officials close to giving a thumbs up to salmon season. the council has presented three proposals which include a full or nearly full season for sport and commercial fishermen. salmon season was cancelled in
6:49 am
2008 and 2009, only less than a few days -- only laughed a few days in 2010. it bounced back salmon season set to kickoff april 7th and could last to early november. just about ready to spring forward this weekend. temperatures above average today, tomorrow, by the time we spring forward those temperatures will be declining will start to feel possibly a little like winter next week with cooler conditions and rain in the forecast until then you can see how calm it is this morning as we look at marin headlands from sutro tower. how should you dress for temperatures near freezing in santa rosa napa fairfield mid to upper 30s concord livermore peninsula into the south bay and half moon bay low to mid 40s antioch fremont, oakland, santa rosa and san rafael 41 salinas, 29 in gilroy.
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the warmest afternoons today and tomorrow. clear cool tonight if you are trying to find those northern lights you want to bundle up cooler weekend, rain possible next week. as far as what is happening today, yesterday, was a transition from cooler than average back to average today above average two degrees warmer than average in san jose, redwood city about three, san francisco and livermore four to five napa five oakland 70 today, sunrise came up 20 minutes ago will set at 6:11. 70 oakland antioch napa, santa rosa cloverdale you iyad may see a 70 in your car today other official reporting stations mid er 60s monterey bay inland a lot of 70s except for -- monterey around 66 you will have total sunshine and a light and variable wind today. tonight 30s back inland low to
6:51 am
mid 40s bay shore to the coast san francisco 48° tomorrow morning. three areas of high pressure dominating the weather pattern. look at how big that blocking high is that omega high keeping storm system away from us the next two days high pressure developing over to our east will bring offshore winds we'll have warmest afternoons today and tomorrow with low to mid 70s from the coast tomorrow by sunday 10° cooler and a few degrees cooler monday and tuesday with best chance of rain following then set your clock ahead an hour before you go to bed saturday night. beautiful picture to show from you the snow train finally have enough snow to take the sierra snow train is gorgeous this time of the year any time you can do it i recommend it. if you have any photos you would like to share we would love to see them. just upload or e-mail them. bay bridge toll backed up
6:52 am
to the foot of the maze because of earlier stalls, a little slow this morning. also, breaking news fire in berkeley still a lot of smoke on dwight way which is closed right now. dwight way is closed between shaddock and ellsworth you want to avoid that stretch a few blocks south of the uc campus near the dorms. also, i want to take to you a live shot in san jose. traffic on northbound 101 looks okay here right near the 880 overpass. there are pockets of normal slowing slightly the speed limit as you head through downtown san jose. >> couple accidents westbound 580 grant line motorcycle injury crash in the center divide crews got there things started to slow down that's
6:53 am
pretty slow this morning. new accident reported in hayward 880 at a street it is now on the right shoulder traffic is slowing in the southbound direction with the waze traffic app. find out all the speeds for your route to work wherever you want to go, about to to download the free traffic app. a group pushing for addition of suicide barrier on the golden gate bridge is getting new figures that could help their fight for funds. 37 people leaped to their deaths in 2011 the highest number in years. those figures from the rail foundation. golden gate district officials say they 100 possible suicides last year. -- say they prevented 100 possible suicides last year. bridge officials came up with a plan in 2008 to build a net hanging under the bridge as a
6:54 am
suicide barrier. they still need 45 millions to pay for. 6:53. recapping: a massive apartment fire burning all morning in berkeley has just seen another major flare-up. >> terry mcsweeney live at the scene. >> reporter: right now we've got smoke pouring out of the roof of this building. flames were leaping out a couple minutes ago. on the right side they've got a fire hose on that ladder the chief says they are not putting water on to the building from up there because they've got firefighters coming into the building from down below and they don't want the water from above to impact what they are doing. earlier wall-to-wall flames started around 4:00, firefighters got the call about 4:15. when they arrived they saw the top floor very involved in
6:55 am
flames. second floor was burning. someone out here, one of the witnesses is saying it appeared the hot spot started on the top floor. the evacuation went well, six units evacuated, total of 50 people between this building and a couple others. red cross is trying to provide them with warmth and food until those who can go back home are allowed to do so. amy hollyfield has the other top story from fairfield. >> reporter: good morning. we are at solano community college where administration ares are making drastic cuts. they've decided to get rid of the swim team and football team. the football team won the conference championship in 2010. football is a big deal here. the board says the school can't afford to keep the program going. they have a 4.8 million dollar shortfall. the board voted last night to cut football and swimming after a three hourlong emotional meeting. it is not just sports, summer
6:56 am
school also he eliminated this is a statewide problem there's a 150 million dollar budget deficit in community college funding. the football coach posted a message saying this is not over yet. they are going pete today to talk about options. there is -- going to meet today to talk about options. there's talk about private fundraising to try and save these programs. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. final check on weather and traffic. current conditions, good morning still close to freezing napa, santa rosa and fairfield with mid er 30s concord, livermore, peninsula, los gatos, half moon bay low to mid 40s east bay, antioch and san francisco all that is going to change. 70s out there in the mid to upper 60s for the rest of us outside oakland, antioch and napa and santa rosa. cooling trend this weekend. bay bridge toll backed up towards the foot of the maze 10 to 15 minute wait earlier
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stalls. new accident reported on the peninsula 101 broadway burlingame now in the center divide chp en route if you want to keep track go to our waze traffic maps. great job you guys. that's it for this edition of the abc morning. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. have a great day. ms2i2i2i2i2i2i2i2i2i2i2i2i2i2i2i
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